CARIS Training


During the training course, further information about CARIS S-57 Composer and its commands can be found by referring to the CARIS S-57 Composer Reference Guide installed with Composer. This document can be opened by clicking on this link on your computer:

  • Start> All Programs> CARIS> S-57 Composer version> Documentation

Alternatively, the default location for the reference guide is:

  • C:\CARIS\Composer\version\Documentation\CARIS S-57 Composer Reference Guide.pdf

In the full course, you can open the following references about Composer's commands, and optionally print them, and then use this information in the training course, and for your reference afterwards:

  • List of Composer Commands (not included here)
  • Composer Digitizing Shortcuts (not included here)

Use the Glossary link on the main course page to view an interactive version of common Composer terms.

In addition, the Glossary Entry block at the right of the main course page reports one glossary entry at a time.

You can consult the CARIS website for further information about Composer, including a product brochure about Composer. The CARIS website also includes a version of the S-57 ENC Object Catalogue.

To find out more information about the IHO S-57 Standard and Electronic Navigational Charts, refer to the International Hydrographic Organization website. The "ENCs & ECDIS" page contains further links with details about ENC production, portrayal and availability. The S-57 Standard documents can be reviewed by following the links on the "Standards & Publications" page.

Last modified: Monday, 18 March 2013, 2:05 PM