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You are now logged in to the free demonstration version of the ENC Production with CARIS S-57 Composer self-paced online training course. Proceed through this course at your own pace from your own desktop to gain an idea of the content, appearance and different types of media used in the full version of this course.

The main learning goal of the full training course is to help you gain a good basic understanding of how to use the CARIS S-57 Composer software product to create and update International Hydrographic Office (IHO) S-57 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs).

The objectives of this course are for learners to:

  • Be introduced to the purpose and use of Composer.
  • Understand the ENC production workflow implemented in Composer.
  • Discover the core functionality of Composer.
  • Be able to open, view and query external data sources for use in ENC products.
  • Create, compile, check and export new ENC products using the tools in Composer.
  • Update, check and export existing ENC products using the tools in Composer.
  • Access Composer's help and reference guides to locate more information.

First look at all the materials in the General section at the top of the course content area, including the:

  • Getting Started Quick Reference course navigation guide.
  • Video Introduction training course overview.
  • About this course list of training topics.
  • Download the training exercise datasets (and backups).

During the course, keep looking through the Glossary and References for more information.

The full course is divided into three Parts (A, B and C), each consisting of a set of related Training Units or topics (there are 27 in total). Proceed through each Training Unit in order, and for each one do the following:

  • Read the introduction page.
  • Watch the associated video(s).
  • Work through the step-by-step training exercise(s).
  • Complete the short quiz to review what you learned.

In the full course progress markers automatically track which activities you have completed. Your overall course completion status is also shown, listing your current grade and which of these mandatory activities you have completed:

  • General Section - all items except the Forum.
  • Parts A, B and C - Introduction and Summary sections.
  • Review Quizzes - one in each of the 27 training units.
  • Feedback Form - the final course evaluation form.

After finishing the 27 training units, complete the short course evaluation form in the final unit of the course. A course completion certificate is also available from this location.

It is estimated that this course will take 24 hours to complete. This time will vary, and may be longer for students with little or no experience working with electronic chart production or with using CARIS software previously.

Click the logout link to exit the course at any point; log in again later to continue where you left off. You will be returned to the same place in the course as when you logged out.

To return to the training course home page from this page, or from any other page, in the top Navigation Bar, click the Home> Production> Composer-Demo link.

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